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Let's get your institution's data working harder

ConnectED helps higher education institutions manage, trust and use their data to make informed decisions that create the environment for success.
Know what data you have
Know who's doing what
Know your impact

When you're frustrated with your institution's data... 

  • Does a simple question about your institution's numbers fill you with real trepidation?

  • Do you spend more time making sense of your data than drawing insights from it?

  • Do you often find that different people are looking at the data and coming up with different numbers?

Many higher education institutions are unable to find the truth in their information, making it hard to realise the true value from the huge amounts of data they hold. 


So when you work with this daily, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the assumption you know more about your institution’s data than you have access to or control over.

ConnectED helps your institution to realise the value of its data

We support you in creating a data-informed culture across your institution, one where key decision-makers fully realise the value of the information at their disposal

By helping your institution's leaders gain access to information that informs their decision making—and promotes their role as data guardians—we empower them to use data to create the environment for success.

Through support, coaching and training across our suite of services, ConnectED helps you to affect cultural change by joining the dots with your education data.


Shape your institution’s data-informed culture

Understand your data maturity

How ready are you?

Sometimes the support you think you need to overcome a data challenge is actually something else entirely, so we pinpoint what help you really need. We assess your data quality, governance, literacy and culture, then create a unique proposition around how you work. Helping you to create the business case for elevating data practices, make the most effective use of your data and support leaders to make trusted, informed decisions.

Connect your institution through its data

After people, data is one of your institution's most important assets. But who owns, can access and manage that vast amount of information? We support you in building a data environment that benefits everyone. By breaking down data barriers and making data accessible, you'll gain easier access, collaboration, and utilisation of your data across all teams and departments. We support your entire institution in making efficient, confident, and accurate data-driven decisions.

Fully trust your data

Get support to improve data trustworthiness and governance by addressing data quality issues, implementing effective governance practices, and providing the necessary knowledge and tools. Build confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your institution's data.

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Contact us

What data challenge is keeping you awake at night?



We'll discuss what you'd like to achieve with your data and what's getting in the way



We’ll provide a unique plan to make your data work for you, whether you simply need help with set up and training or ongoing support with a wider team.

You're 3 steps away from getting your data to work harder

Make your data clear,
concise and compelling

Tell your institution's data story through captivating visualisations, driving better understanding and engagement so key decision makers realise the value of their information.

Expect to see things like:


Data quality dashboards  |  Business data glossary  |  Data accountability  | Data landscape maps

Working at home
Business Meeting

Empower key decision makers to become data guardians

Get help to lead stakeholders in data governance (we think of it as guardianship), promoting responsible data practices that align with your institution’s goals.

Your data partners

At ConnectED, we believe in working closely with you to help make your data work harder.


Whether it's outlining your data business case, developing a tailored data strategy, promoting data guardianship or just helping to get the job done, we empower you and your institution with expertise and support to drive positive change.

Wherever you are on your data journey we can support you
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Every higher education institution has unique data challenges, so take our free Data Readiness Assessment to discover how well your data currently works.

See how hard your data currently works

Explore our range of services


Market Research & analysis

Helps you understand your data better by providing real-world insights as to where your institution is on its data readiness pathway and helps to inform the solutions and strategies you need.


Data Vision

Helps your institution craft a comprehensive Data Vision that clarifies the role of data in achieving strategic aims, ensuring that your data assets are not just managed but are actively driving progress and innovation.



Helps put your Data Strategy into action, establishing data governance and promoting guardianship, and creating a data-driven culture for sustainable ongoing improvement across your institution. Receive a plan to action yourself or get ongoing support from our team.


Business Case Development

Helps equip you to have the right conversations that drive understanding of the value in data, its alignment to your institution’s overall objectives, and helps drive momentum for investment of data initiatives.


Data Strategy

Helps you to develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap for how data is used across your institution to drive decision-making, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, establish data monitoring indicators, and achieve your goals alongside a data informed culture


Data Evolution

Helps empower your teams and enhance your data governance operating model for sustained success. We provide support, mentoring, templates, and data monitoring routines to ensure effective data management that aligns with your institution's goals. By engaging stakeholders, we help build capacity and foster a data-driven culture within your organisation.


Why work with us?

Deep HE sector expertise in creating real, tangible value

The higher education sector is intricately regulated, and we’ve loved the challenge of working within it for 40 years. In that time, we’ve collaborated with numerous higher education institutions, worked closely with functions, and gained insight into the unique data complexities each faces. We’ve learned there is no "one size fits all" solution, so instead we bring the tools, knowledge and techniques to quickly support you with your unique data challenges.

Close collaboration

Working alongside you as your data partner, we'll create a bespoke data solution tailored to your institution's nuanced needs built on a foundation of best practice. Supporting you and your institution to manage, trust and use data in a way that fosters a data driven culture.

Empowering you to manage your data

We guide you on the journey of understanding and managing your data challenges. Our approach is non-invasive, allowing you to take ownership and gradually build your capability to manage the solutions independently, ensuring you have the option to rely on our expertise whenever needed.

Chatting after Class
Associate-pro-vice-chancellor, Planning Office, Coventry University

Alex has been instrumental in designing and implementing our data governance framework. He made the case for and trained our data governance manager, and guided us on how to make the framework sustainable. This framework underpins how we will manage and exploit data at the university, and – specifically – support our In Year Reporting/Data Futures project.

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Let's join your data dots to create the environment for success

Your institution’s data should be comprehensive, trustworthy, and easy to access.

So everyone can work to create the environment for success.

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