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Data evolution

Develop your data governance practices for sustained success
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Increase accountability
Draw insights from your data
Improve your data culture
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Data evolution

Support and advice to evolve your data governance practices over time

Have you begun implementing your data strategy but found you need some extra support? Or maybe you want to try something new with your data and could do with some advice or extra resources?

Whether you need long-term help or a fix with a current challenge, our Data Evolution service ensures your institution can maintain and improve your data governance practices over time:

  • Consulting on your data challenges to quickly resolve issues

  • Helping you to gain the tools and skills to make a success of your data

  • Framing best practice from other institutions to bring new capability to yours

  • Bringing people together to create a data community

Through our advice, support and applied knowledge, you can ensure the long-term success of your data-informed culture.

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Your way to promote data guardianship

Data Evolution at ConnectED helps you to promote data governance—a framework of rules, principles, and best practices that guide your stakeholders in responsibly managing and protecting data. This fosters ethical, secure, and goal-aligned data use, where individuals take on the role of guardians, safeguarding and managing data assets with care.
Your way to ensure effective, adaptable data governance aligned to your goals
  • Help to identify and address data governance gaps and issues

  • Support, advice and tools to adapt to changes in the data landscape

  • Guidance to engage stakeholders and gain their buy-in for data governance initiatives


What's included?

Data governance mentoring

Support to empower your team to navigate complex data governance issues and make informed decisions with confidence.

Key stakeholder engagement

An approach that gets key stakeholders on board to actively support data governance initiatives. By fostering collaboration and aligning practices with institutional goals, we ensure you achieve sponsorship for your vision of how your organisation should approach data.

Data flow visualisations

Gain a better understanding of your data ecosystem with conceptual models and data flow visualisations. This empowers you to make informed choices that set priorities,  reduce risk and drive efficiency.

A pathway to continuous improvement

Get help with ongoing monitoring, evaluation, and enhancement of data governance processes. This ensures that your data strategies remain effective and up-to-date, bringing you long-term benefits and success.

Applying data

Hands-on design and execution to solve data and reporting requirements through data sourcing, transformation routines and visualisation.

Ongoing project support

Receive hands-on support for successful project outcomes. Our project support ensures your essential data initiatives are executed effectively to achieve your goals.

Make your data clear,
concise and compelling

Tell your institution's data story through captivating visualisations, driving better understanding and engagement so key decision makers realise the value of their information.

At this stage there are many options for bespoke visualisations, so we’ll advise on what best supports your goals.

Head of Data Strategy and Governance, The Open University

Alex’s knowledge and experience of data governance (and many other data things!) were really helpful in enabling us to start developing the data capability of the university. His practical approach, belief in the benefits and seemingly limitless energy make Alex a pleasure to work with and a real support in getting things moving.

Explore our range of services


Market Research & analysis

Helps you understand your data better by providing real-world insights as to where your institution is on its data readiness pathway and helps to inform the solutions and strategies you need.


Data Vision

Helps your institution craft a comprehensive Data Vision that clarifies the role of data in achieving strategic aims, ensuring that your data assets are not just managed but are actively driving progress and innovation.



Helps put your Data Strategy into action, establishing data governance and promoting guardianship, and creating a data-driven culture for sustainable ongoing improvement across your institution. Receive a plan to action yourself or get ongoing support from our team.


Business Case Development

Helps equip you to have the right conversations that drive understanding of the value in data, its alignment to your institution’s overall objectives, and helps drive momentum for investment of data initiatives.


Data Strategy

Helps you to develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap for how data is used across your institution to drive decision-making, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, establish data monitoring indicators, and achieve your goals alongside a data informed culture

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Let's join your data dots to create the environment for success

Your institution’s data should be comprehensive, trustworthy, and easy to access.

So everyone can work to create the environment for success.

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