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Data Governance Services for Higher Education

At ConnectED, we offer a suite of services that can help your institution to implement best practice data governance, data management capabilities, increase efficiency, and make data-driven decisions. 

We work with your institution to understand its unique challenges and goals. Then, we tailor each service according to your needs.

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Increase the visibility of your data
Know what data you have
Drive towards a data driven culture

How we work with you..


We're your equal partners. We'll work with you to understand what you need and how we can help. We'll make sure our work fits with your institution's culture and way of doing things.


Understanding where you are now and where you want to be with your data is essential. We'll actively engage you and your colleagues to develop plans for prioritised outcomes.


With almost 40 years of combined experience within the higher education sector making data work harder, we can guide you through the challenges you face. Our most important piece of advice: people and culture are at the heart of positive data change.


We know that every institution is different, so we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to your data challenge and solution. We work with you to understand your specific needs and challenges, and then we tailor our advice and approach to what will work for your goals.

Work Stations

Your data partners

At ConnectED, we believe in working closely with you to make a data-informed culture.

Whether it's outlining your data business case, developing a tailored data strategy or assisting with your data governance or just helping to get the job done, we empower you and your institution with expertise and support to drive positive change. 

Explore our range of services


Market Research & analysis

Helps you understand your data better by providing real-world insights as to where your institution is on its data readiness pathway and helps to inform the solutions and strategies you need.


Data Strategy

Helps you to develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap for how data is used across your institution to drive decision-making, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, establish data monitoring indicators, and achieve your goals alongside a data informed culture


Data Evolution

Helps empower your teams and enhance your data governance operating model for sustained success. We provide support, mentoring, templates, and data monitoring routines to ensure effective data management that aligns with your institution's goals. By engaging stakeholders, we help build capacity and foster a data-driven culture within your organisation.


Business Case Development

Helps equip you to have the right conversations that drive understanding of the value in data, its alignment to your institution’s overall objectives, and helps drive momentum for investment of data initiatives.



Helps put your Data Strategy into action, establishing data governance and promoting guardianship, and creating a data-driven culture for sustainable ongoing improvement across your institution. Receive a plan to action yourself or get ongoing support from our team.

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Let's join your data dots to create the environment for success

Your institution’s data should be comprehensive, trustworthy, and easy to access.

So everyone can work to create the environment for success.

Data Governance Services FAQs

What are data governance services? ConnectED’s Data governance services support you to implement behaviours and processes to manage, secure, and enhance data throughout your institution. This helps you to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, effective decision-making and supporting your university objectives. These data governance services are essential to support your creation of high-quality, trusted data deployed through a best-practice operating model that delivers data quality, accessibility, security, and exploitation. By defining clear roles and responsibilities, ConnectED’s services help you to ensure data governance processes are followed, enhancing data quality and supporting short and long-term university priorities. Effective data governance services address various data sources, ensuring comprehensive metadata management and compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately aligning with your university’s priorities and governance best practices.

What are the five areas of data governance best practice? The five areas of data governance are data culture, data accountability, data management, data literacy, and professionalism, each contributing to robust and sustainable data governance. Data Culture: Fostering an organisational environment where data is valued as a critical asset and used effectively for decision-making. For example, establishing a "Data Gudarians" program where selected employees advocate for best data practices within their teams. Data Accountability: Assigning clear responsibilities and ownership for data-related tasks to ensure data integrity and accountability. For example, creating a clear data governance framework that outlines roles and responsibilities for data owners, data custodians, and data users. Data Management: Overseeing the entire data lifecycle, including data cataloguing and data lineage to maintain data quality and integrity. For example, developing and enforcing standardised data management processes, including data entry protocols, data storage guidelines, and data archival policies. Data Literacy: Promoting the skills and knowledge necessary for all employees to understand and use data effectively in their roles. For example, providing access to data literacy resources such as glossaries, best practice guides, and how-to videos to help colleagues become more comfortable and proficient with data. Professionalism: Upholding ethical standards and best practices in data handling, ensuring data is managed responsibly and securely. For example, conducting regular audits and assessments to ensure adherence to data governance policies and addressing any breaches or lapses in professionalism promptly and transparently.

What are the 3 key elements of good data governance? The three key elements of good data governance are data stewardship, data policies and standards, and data quality management, ensuring effective data governance processes. Data Stewardship: Assigning roles and responsibilities for managing data, ensuring accountability and proper data handling. Data Policies and Standards: Establishing a data governance framework with clear policies and standards to guide data usage, security, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Data Quality Management: Implementing processes for continuous monitoring, data cataloguing, and data lineage tracking to maintain high data quality and integrity. These elements ensure comprehensive data governance efforts, enhancing data management and supporting your university’s objectives through effective data governance processes. They align with governance best practices, ensuring data security, proper metadata management, and the long-term future of data governance.

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