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DATA FUTURES WORKSESSIONS - for your institution

Helping you master Data Futures

We can help you formalise your data management 
20% off - early bird discount if you book your institution's worksession before April 30th.
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Develop an operating model
Gain confidence in your return
Establish continuous transparent data quality initiatives 
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Our Data Futures sessions help you..

Assure HESA Data Futures through data governance

We help equip you with practical data governance tools to pro-actively support your Data Futures responsibilities.

Our sessions share best practices to help you master the HESA Data Futures challenges and requirements.

The sessions are split into 2 x 4 hour on-site and on-line sessions to encourage collaborative learning. Run by two experts in their field who are on hand to offer help and advice drawn from over 20 years' experience in HE data.

They will help empower your team with the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools to construct a resilient data management framework. One that’s aligned with your strategic objectives, ensures regulatory compliance, and fosters an environment of ongoing quality enhancement.  

By centring on the development of a transparent accountability framework, prioritising data quality, and optimising resolution processes, the workshops guide your institution through the management of data and support you to achieve successful and sustainable Data Futures returns.  

This strategic approach boosts internal assurance and empowers your institution to leverage data as a strategic asset, paving the way for better data-driven decision-making. 

Contact us to arrange Data Futures Sessions for your institution.

Have you mastered Data Futures?

Data Futures stands as one of the most significant statutory requirements set to redefine how institutions manage, report, and get value from their student data. The scope of Data Futures extends beyond compliance, touching on: 

  • Grant and initiative funding from government agencies 

  • External metric derivations such as those included in (for example) HE league tables, DiscoverUni 

  • Creation of regulatory management indicators, such as the TEF, by the Office for Students (OfS) 

  • Population derivations for measures of student satisfaction and graduate outcomes 

The quality of data you compile and report affects every aspect of your institution, from government funding to internal resource allocation and strategic planning.  

So mastering Data Futures contributes towards securing your institution's future success and sustainability, and that’s where these sessions can support you.

Like to learn more?

Gain confidence in assuring your Data Futures return 

  • Achieve consensus on mapping your institution's data landscape through the Data Futures perspective: You’ll collaboratively define and agree on the categories of data your institution manages and needs for Data Futures to lay the essential groundwork for your data management framework. 

  • Identify data expertise & stakeholder engagement, field by field: You’ll confirm the individuals responsible for managing each data segment and the stakeholders who rely on its accuracy for their operations. This two-pronged strategy ensures that your governance framework is supported by expertise and aligned with the broader interests and needs within your institution. 

  • Create a central repository for in-cycle data quality remediation: You’ll learn effective tools and techniques to collect, record and resolve issues from business-as-usual activity around fields directly used for the creation of Data Futures items. 

  • Tailor the best practice data governance operating model to fit your institution: You’ll ensure everyone knows how the wider framework operates and how their role contributes to quality assure, compile, and submit the Data Futures return 

  • Embed in-cycle data quality management to proactively build knowledge of the data state in readiness for the return: You’ll facilitate discussion to design quality indicators for the most important local data feeding into the calculation and/or mapping to Data Futures items; ensuring these checks are co-ordinated, reviewed, and any impacts on the return are managed in advance.


Time to arrange your Data Futures Sessions for your institution? 

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What's covered in our Data Futures Sessions?

Session 1
  1. Data governance overview 
    You’ll be introduced to data governance fundamentals to establish a foundational understanding for improving higher education data management.


  2. Process accountability 
    You’ll define roles and responsibilities in the Data Futures process to create a structured data management framework for accountability. 


  3. Map data to the HE landscape
    You’ll align Data Futures specifications with your institution's data sources to ensure accurate data sourcing and responsibility assignment for effective governance. 

Session 1 - 4hrs onsite

Session 2
  1. Deconstructing 5 Data Futures items
    You’ll analyse and break down 5 key Data Futures items against internal data fields to ensure alignment and enhance data quality by understanding the specifics of data requirements.


  2. Quality Measures
    You’ll define and agree on quality indicators for assessing critical Data Futures data items to maintain high data quality throughout the year with agreed-upon, well-documented quality measures.

  3. The Data Quality Issue Log (DQIL) 
    You’ll introduce and use DQIL for proactive data quality assurance to support efficient issue logging and prioritisation, enhancing data management processes.

Session 1 - 4hrs virtual

Total fee for both Data Futures Sessions - £7,500

Some of the critical questions your Data Futures Sessions will answer..

How will data governance help us with Data Futures? 
What’s our data landscape?
Who’s responsible for the data? 
How do we establish data quality for internal and external purposes? 
Which is the most important data in Data Futures? 
Which measures can we use to assess quality of the data? 
Is there a suitable threshold for quality? 
How can I continue to raise data issues and concerns? 
How will this help me and my team achieve our deliverables? 
Studying in Groups

Feel fully prepared for your Data Futures changes 

Join the sessions that have been designed to empower your institution with the tools, knowledge, and insights needed to excel in the Data Futures landscape.


From practical data governance frameworks to quality assurance techniques, ensure your institution is not just compliant, but evolves into an environment of effective data management. 

Time to arrange your Data Futures Sessions for your institution? 

Director of Data and Insight, University College London

Alex worked with us on developing a data strategy and data governance operating model. By necessity our communications and workshops were remote and “virtual, but Alex’s attention to detail, ability to explain complex concepts simply, and his sheer experience and depth of knowledge of data and governance were invaluable in helping us make progress and plan our implementation. Alex understands how HE works, and can suggest how to overcome roadblocks, and avoid the pitfalls of particular approaches. His experience makes him a respected voice of authority. He is generous with his time and knowledge – and he is fun to work with.

Explore our range of services


Market Research & analysis

Helps you understand your data better by providing real-world insights as to where your institution is on its data readiness pathway and helps to inform the solutions and strategies you need.


Data Vision

Helps your institution craft a comprehensive Data Vision that clarifies the role of data in achieving strategic aims, ensuring that your data assets are not just managed but are actively driving progress and innovation.



Helps put your Data Strategy into action, establishing data governance and promoting guardianship, and creating a data-driven culture for sustainable ongoing improvement across your institution. Receive a plan to action yourself or get ongoing support from our team.


Business Case Development

Helps equip you to have the right conversations that drive understanding of the value in data, its alignment to your institution’s overall objectives, and helps drive momentum for investment of data initiatives.


Data Strategy

Helps you to develop a clear and comprehensive roadmap for how data is used across your institution to drive decision-making, reduce operational costs, mitigate risk, establish data monitoring indicators, and achieve your goals alongside a data informed culture


Data Evolution

Helps empower your teams and enhance your data governance operating model for sustained success. We provide support, mentoring, templates, and data monitoring routines to ensure effective data management that aligns with your institution's goals. By engaging stakeholders, we help build capacity and foster a data-driven culture within your organisation.

Let's join your data dots to create the environment for success

Your institution’s data should be comprehensive, trustworthy, and easy to access.

So everyone can work to create the environment for success.

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